Happy Monday Lovers!
Here we are again.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Sunday did not disappoint – it was a gorgeous day nice weather included.  I kept it low key for the most part and i loved it.  We had a visitor over for the weekend which meant cooking at home and lots of wine.  No complaints.  This week ahead i have a lot on my plate and i’m afraid of my time management.  I just need to make sure i don’t overwhelm myself.  Wish me luck and lets see how i do.

Today i am sharing some new music.  I’ve had this tune rotating inside my head since i first heard the raw recording.  It’s an original duet by good friends Colin Smith and the stellar Amanda Brown.  Those two together can sing the phone book and make it sound like a top itunes hit.  Trust me, this is not at all a biased opinion.
I shared this already on twitter and facebook but its so good its also worth a blog post.  I hope you enjoy it as much as i do and stay tune for lots more from these two.

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