It’s been a while since I’ve last written an ‘NYC Music Scene’ post. Excited!
My friend Kristin and I have decided to christened Tuesday nights as our night of come what may. Much without a plan, our evening, although a good one, had been a bit merciless towards us. We just couldn’t quite seem to grip what it is we truly wanted to do. We attempted a couple of things only to later be discouraged. It was then that I suggested a quick stop at Arlene’s Grocery; I promised that this place had yet to disappoint and that I’ve seen quite a few amazing talents here. And this night was no different. We soon stumbled upon Gabby Young and Other Animals completely gratifying the purpose of our evening and making it a memorable one.

At times my friends don’t understand, but I’m literally like a kid in a candy store when I discover what to me, is new talent. I can never get enough… as is now the case with Gabby Young. She’s enchanting and simply spectacular. Her vocals are haunting and the music makes me feel like I’m around a caravan of exotic musical gypsies. Its captivating. I can’t stop listening to “Umm…” and “We’re All In This Together”.  I’m utterly mesmerized.
Let me not say more as I leave you with my favorite quote I found on Gabby Young: “Gabby Young and Other Animals are altogether more out there, the eponymous frontwoman being something to behold; an art-school dervish of jazzy excitement. Accompanied by a little brass section, she wails her way through angular romps like “Snakebite”, and broods on more sombre affairs like upcoming single “We’re all in this together”. Their sound won’t be pinned down, but different and exciting feel like the appropriate adjectives”. ~ Glasswerk
And of course here are some photos and my favorite video of the night that I took. Yes, by the way, in the video that IS a kazoo she’s playing. Ha! Enjoy!
The lovely Kristin after our Gabby Young and Other Animals experience. Good Times!
Gabby Young – “Ladies of the Lake”
Gabby Young – “Male Version of Me”

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