Sometime last week I received an email from my friend Aurora with a simple headline that read: ‘The Beginning’. I was hooked. I read on. She’s taking a break, refueling, re-prioritizing, and giving away her love… her music. “The whole point of art is to unabashedly give of yourself. So, instead of waiting until a recording is perfect or better or more pleasing to whomever, i am letting them all go.” She wrote.

She she goes on to tell us of her next ventures and expresses her gratitude to those who have stood by her and believed in her. I couldn’t help but feel proud and think of how much I admire so many of my friends. Their daily plight to make a name for themselves, to be heard in industry with such incessant demands. Their ability to stand true to their craft and not give up; for continuing to reach for that dream that at times seem so tauntingly impossible and yet achievable.
Aurora is releasing, freeing herself and creating an almost new slate – a blank canvas – but first she must share with us by giving of herself, her music…for FREE.
And so with that I pass this along to you, my readers. The link below will give you access to wonderful music tainted with love. Go ahead and enjoy… its yours for the taking.

“I want people to feel connected to my songs in a way that makes them think, that inspires them and makes them love” ~ Aurora
For more on Aurora Barnes visit here page:

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