Jessie J LIVE and FREE at Rockwood Music Hall.  This is where it all started for her.  This is where she feels most at home and this is where she wishes to return over and over to do these types of shows; clean, honest, one mic, one guitar acoustic shows.  It’s was phenomenal.

I heard about this evening quite last minute from my roommate.  I had already made plans that evening to go and see my friends band play literally around the corner from Rockwood. At first I couldn’t believe it.  THE Jessie J doing a FREE acoustic live show at Rockwood!?  Shut The Front Door!  But yes, it was in fact true and I was so happy to be there.
I got my wristband by 8:30 – her show time was scheduled for 11:30.  It quickly sold out as they were only allowing a certain amount of people plus her guest list.  I managed to see The Invisible Kids (my friends band – that’s for another blog post) and quickly made my way back.
Once inside I made my way up to the second floor and soon realized I was now making myself comfortable amongst “her people”.  Oops.  But I stayed comfortable and enjoyed the hell out of the show. She was phenomenal, funny, playful and so very grateful. She spoke a bit about her struggles in the music industry, shouted out her new team and thanked those who stood by her through the ups and downs.  She’s hoping to have her next album released here in the states.  She was very sincere and open.  I connected with her.  We all connected with her.  There was love in that room.  Her lyrics are truth, especially ‘Nobody’s Perfect‘, a song she wrote for someone she wronged.  She’s truth.
She sang the staples like ‘Domino‘ and ‘Price Tag‘ and treated us to a brand new song freshly written two days ago and never before sung live titled, ‘You Don’t Really Know Me’. 
This is the main reason I started this blog.  My innate love for music.  The itch I would get each week to go out and try a new venue and listen to new music. Yes, Jessie J is known in the business and yes Rockwood is a staple in New York, but this entire evening reminded me that I need to reconnect with that world.  I’ve got a good ear for music, I simply need to expose it more.
I’m grateful for my friends, The Invisible Kids and Jessie J for bringing me back.  For videos from last night see here here here and here.
Enjoy Lovers

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