I really am a lucky gal. I can honestly say I’ve seen John Mayer perform in this sort of setting approximately four times now.  And although I’ve never seen him in concert, something about these little pop-up shows tells me I’m getting the better end of the deal.

As you could imagine I have many photos and videos but I’ve never really shared them publicly. It feels intrusive. Today I decided to break my own rule.  I initially posted a video but I felt guilty and its just too complicated – photos I figured are ok.  I got over my guilt quickly. Photos are still up but the video is truly too good for me to be selfish with it.  I may not always be a fan of the things John Mayer says but I am forever a fan of his music. Enjoy!

This was at the Village Underground. Maybe another time I’ll repost the video but for now enjoy these pics.

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