Wanna know what i did this past Friday? I checked out this pretty awesome Indi Rock Band, Monogold.
This is the OFFICIAL video of their song “Spirit or Something” currently on rotation on my iPod.

Spirit or Something from Monogold on Vimeo.

I have known of this band for some time now. I am friends with the bassist but never really took the time and honestly the interest in the checking them out (some friend i am, right?). I did once a year ago but i have very vague memories of the night… which is not a good sign. I’ve since been nagging my friend to tell me whenever a show pops up, and they have, but these have mostly been in Brooklyn. I don’t do Brooklyn unless absolutely necessary. When you live in the Bronx, traveling to Brooklyn often feels like you should carry a passport. I digress.
Finally last week, as part of the CMJ line up, the guys were scheduled to play at Pianos and i was so there! I dragged a couple of friends and pre-warned them that i had no real prior knowledge of the music – so therefore we were all going in blind. To my happy surprise the band was fucking awesome! Yes, the curse was absolutely necessary. So good in fact, Shelly, in the middle of the first song, screamed over at me saying: “Lover, they are SO good. I love them! We are now officially groupies!” Yep, she officially branded us groupies in that instant. I’m still working on that – not sure yet.
It was a great night with great music. Too bad they were only given a short set so we didn’t quite get the full experience. But this is fine by me because it only makes me look forward to more. The girls and I left very satisfied and excited over our band discovery and armed with a brand new Monogold CD’s – one of which you could purchase here.
Happy Monday Lovers!!!

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