The first time I saw Paulina Rubio perform was at People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful cocktail party:  She was in dire need of a cheese burger with chilly fries. The second time was this year during the Upfronts:  She had the cheese burger but forgot the fries. The third time was last night at the Nokia theater: This time she had the fries (no chilly). She looked good.  She looked healthy.

Known as “The Golden Girl” and “Queen of Latin Pop” Paulina Rubio is a Mexican, singer, actress, Grammy/Latin Grammy Nominated and 6 time winner of the Latin Billboard Music Award.  She’s an all around Entertainer who has practically grown up in the spotlight.

I can’t say I know much about Paulina and I’ve never really cared for her music.   I struggle to recognize just 3 of her songs and when I do I can only manage the hooks.  However, despite my apprehensions (whatever these may be), I cannot ever say that she doesn’t put on a great show.  The woman is entertaining, energetic, and captivating. 

She’s good!  She’d damn good and last night she rocked the show.  She danced around in super micro sequence minis, toasted on stage, played a little guitar, and even painted on a canvas – instant art anyone?  And I will forever give her extra kudos for actually singing her songs live.  I was impressed and definitely gained a new found respect for her.  I honestly had a great time!  So  I guess this means that three times is the charm with Paulina.  Girl, you are officially OK in my book.  I promise to download those 3 songs I recognize (baby steps you know).

PS. Thank you for the outstanding VIP treatment, Natacha!!


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