Rob Lewis is a well-respected and sough and sought-after music producer, composer, arranger and musical  director for such names as Christina Aguilera, Leona LEwis, The Pussy Cat Dolls, NKOTB, and my personal favorite, Sasha Allen to simply name a few. Rob can also now add TV personality to his growing resume having appeared on Diddy’s MTV show “Making His Band”. Here Rob served on the judges’ panel. This is Rob Lewis the public persona and his resume is endless. The Rob Lewis I wish to briefly highlight is the one of the Big Dreams.

In the years that I have come to know Rob, I can’t think of a time when his brain is not working overtime. He has a gripping determination, is extremely inventive – ahead of his time – a visionary of dreams. He exudes a lot of energy – a constant seeker of the next big thing. Actually, I am thoroughly convinced he never sleeps (this may explain the mystery behind the shades). He is outspoken – never afraid to voice his opinion – actually it borders on “extra”.  I am allowed to say that, right? My humble opinion: it makes me nervous at times because where do you draw the line of divulging to much.  But I soon realized it is his passion that fuels him and he speaks as he feels.
This passion and drive has gained him an army of faithful Blockhead followers (that is NKOTB followers in case you didn’t know), also now endearingly dubbed his ‘Army of Dreamers’.  They are incredibly supportive – It’s crazy the type of encouragement they bounce of each other. Yet despite a great support system it was interesting to learn what else fueled that soul: “It’s important that a Dreamer has a blueprint, a plan, he says. And while having a plan is mandatory, execution is the key. And as one executes, from the smallest goals to the big accomplishments, you should celebrate. It is this necessary celebration throughout the Dreamer’s journey that fuels the Dream. It lets you know that it’s actually WORKING, Its’ actually HAPPENING, and that if you keep going, never giving up, it WILL happen.”
You see Rob’s most recent endeavor has him looking to nurture his own solo career. With his background and connections one would think this would be easy but in fact it is a hell of a lot more difficult and frightening. The music industry is sometimes unforgiving. He tells me…“I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the game. It makes it very hard to trust anyone, because everyone has a motive. And that motive man not always include YOU. Everyone says they believe in you, but most only believe on you for the moment, or for how they can benefit from you, and how you can aid THIER agenda. Out of close to 15yrs in the game, i’ve come across a handful of industry people who actually believe in Rob’s Dream.” It sure makes you think, doesn’t it?
Is failure and option? “Failure is always an option. It happens if you ask any advanced Dreamer, they will tell you that they have failed many, many times. But a Dreamer has to have the attitude that ULTIMATE FAILURE is not an option. You CAN make it happen. I may take a lot of time, and many attempts, but with every failure comes the knowledge of what you did wrong, so you can fix it and make another attempt, and WIN.”
ANd so it begins. His single “Brokenhearted” is already available for download on iTUnes. As for his upcoming venture; well, he recently learned he will not have a back-up band at his disposal as initially planed… and yet he’s not deterred. No, instead he’s revisited the drawing board and is now gearing up to introduce Rob Lewis, the one-man show. He’s scheduled for some small intimate shows at local clubs around London.
So are you ready to receive him? Because he’s on his way with a vengeance! Here is to you, Mr. Lewis. You give those of us that may have given up Dreams a reason to believe once more.

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