I  purchased my tickets roughly three months ago. I saw the announcement made on twitter and rushed to it. I then posted the link on my personal facebook page beggin someone to accompany me. I got nothing. I posted and reposted. No one cared… or perhaps didn’t know her well enough. But i was not deterred, i was so excited and looked forward to the day. And that day was yesterday…. Sara Bareilles in Concert at Central Park.

She was incredible. Her concerts are not about the flash and full on stage productions distracting you from the talent. No, they are more intimate with a full band, raw vocals, stand up bass, and of course, Sara’s baby grand piano on stage. Wonderful.
She was fun, engaging and very easy-going; funny and even belligerent at times…. all in good fun of course. She warned that she would be drinking on stage and slowly getting drunk but i noticed nothing.  She was vibrant. A really fun highlight was when she and her band sang Mumford and Sons ‘Little Lion Man’, accordion included. The audience ate it up. We then heard all the favorites and we all happily sang along to each one. It was like a lovefest.
I have two great videos which i can’t share because youtube deleted my account and i don’t think i can get around it. And one of which was of my favorite song Gravity’.  This she sang completely acapella. If we’re facebook friends you get to see this. Yay for you!
In the mean time here just a few shots i managed. Enjoy!




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