This again guys.  This now marks show #4.  You would think that by now i would have it together but no, not really.  I now live in constant fear that i will not book any three acts in time for show dates.  I have mini anxiety attacks.  I kid you not.
This is great lineup and much more relax.  A lot of acoustic sounds which i love.  I can’t wait.  Plus i have a friend in the mix.  Can you guess who?  So come out if you can: TUESDAY AUGUST 7 | The Village Underground.

In other happy news: as you know i spent the day with oldest and dearest friend recently who happens to be a thousand months pregnant.  She’s ready to pop anytime now with what will be her fourth child and she’s asked me to be the baby’s God Mother. WOW!!!!
I feel so so honored.  I mean, it was about darn time she gave me one of dem babies.  I’m SUPER excited to be a God Mother.  That poor kid.  Has no idea what i have in store for him.  Oh yeah, and its a boy.  Oh Boy!  I’m going to be a pseudo mom.  Oh my life.  Sigh.
It’s Monday lovers.  So much on my plate this week but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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