Members: andrew lutes, gabriel kubitz, joshua hoisington, josh davis, logan baldwin
*It’s been over seven months since my last NYC Music Scene post. I’m slacking. Slacking hard. 
THE STATIONARY SET: caught these guys over a week back performing at Rockwood Music Hall. It was my first time seeing them live despite having many opportunities for doing so… Brooklyn is just so far away sometimes, ya know.  But i support and own all their music. I’m a fan. A lazy fan, but non-the-less a fan and one that has converted quite a few others as well. And so I had no excuse this time. I had the day off and they were performing at one of my favorite venues in the City.  Plus i had good ulterior  motives.

The Stationary Set live is spectacular and full of energy. I want to kick myself for not investing more time on these guys. I LOVE THEM! I love their style/sound, and catchy tunes. The emotions in each song and those lyrics. It’s impossible not to bop along to these tunes. It’s like crack to my iPod. When a band can deliver what they offer both live and recorded then you have my attention. I won’t say much more because i am sure i won’t be able to  convey with justice what they deserve. Instead here are two videos i took of said night. See for yourself and get on the bandwagon.
I urge you to support these guys and pick up their latest album, ‘Haunt On’ here! And then you can all thank me later.
** WKND **
** The Clap Song **

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