I have yet to fully experience the madness that is fashion week.  The endless shows, the ducking into tents, the commitment to meet and mingle, and an even bigger commitment dress and look the part.  It all sounds so very exciting and stressful at the same time.  So no, i have yet to experience this but for now i am more than ok with just watching from the sidelines.  I know my day will come soon. (i am ever the optimist).

There are two designers i was looking forward too this season: Rebecca Minkoff and Oscar de la Renta.  I’ve been glued to youtube’s Fashion Channel and here i came across Rebecca’s show. I watched some of it via live stream as well – thank you technology – and thought it would be great to share on the blog. The sound sucks! Well, there is no sound but the fashion is what counts.  I love that i could envision all of her pieces in my closet. 
Enjoy the next 13 minutes if you’re into this kind of stuff and as soon as i manage to find Oscar’s show i will post this as well.  
Happy Hump Day Lovers!

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