[with my beautiful cousins]
Last week was quite the eventful one; lost of decision making to be made and all requiring immediate attention. It certainly did not lack excitement. It varied from a taste of New York’s Fashion Week with COVERGIRL, declining a not so right job offer, to booking a last minute flight to Istanbul, and finally ending with box seats for a Marc Anthony concert at the famed Barclays Center. Not too shabby, eh?

Wrapping up the week with my beautiful cousins was the frosting on the cake. It’s always fun to be around family and especially when you’re enjoying something like live music. You just can’t go wrong with that. Marc Anthony delivered as expected although i didn’t care much for the show (if you’ve seen one of his concerts you’ve seen them all). But i was with family, AND inside the Barclays Center. This alone was blowing my mind.
Here are some images from high above our box seats. There’s nothing like comfort and a great view.
Here’s to a great week ahead lovers!

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