I believed i had a blog post prepared and scheduled for today but it seems i forgot to do the actual scheduling.  Oh well, i shall save it for another day instead.  I would like to think that this last minute post is just as good.  Remember that time i got an ombré?  Well, this an upgrade of that time.

After a very long year of laziness, yesterday i finally visited my faithful salon Bodré Salon up in Washington Heights for a quick color update to my existing ombré and a much needed trim to my ends.  I never really understood women who stuck to one salon once they’ve found ‘the one’.  Usually i’m very free spirited with my hair.  After all its just hair – it will grow back or out.  But i can see the dedication now.  I have pretty much committed to Bodré Salon and basically have not allowed any other person to put a pair of scissors to my hair.  I get it now ladies, i get it now.  I’m really impressed with the work that they do and have done on me.   What do you guys think?
Be sure to click on Bodré for an informative link about their work.
Happy Hump Day lovers!
I’ll be out and about enjoying my new California inspired ombré hair.

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