In the last decade my hair has endured many evolutions raging from color changes to extreme cuts like the pixie. It is no fuss, holds well to many demanding styles, and requires very little maintenance. In its natural state my hair is curly and frizzy – which can be annoying – but overall, i love my hair for its ability to be fun and versatile.

In this past year i have been growing out my pixie cut. Today it is doing quite well with the length easily gracing my shoulders. However, i am growing restless with the progress and i feel that another inevitable change is near. And since another drastic cut is currently out of the question, i am leaning towards the next best thing: The Ombré

I am well aware that i am behind on this trend but i’ve always wanted to give it a try. The only thing that ever held me back is the thought of a monthly maintenance. But i am ready for commitment. In fact, i went for a test drive a couple of months back when my friend and i made a feeble attempt at the Wild Ombré by L’Oreal. See here.
I am giving myself a week to commit. My focal inspiration is blogger Jules, from Sicerely, Jules. I adore her blog, her look, her sense of style, and yes, that hair.  I think i would lean more towards her colors because of our similar skin stone.
Here is a collage of other ombré inspired looks i found in my search. Like i said, i have one week to commit, so wish me luck, lovers.

Source: tumblr, pinterest, google images, and sincerely jules

Note: apologies for any bloggers/individuals who’s image i may have used and given proper credit. Please contact me if you wish for me to add credit or remove image.

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