I was happy to finally get a full eight hours of sleep on Sunday.  My old friend insomnia has been quite diligent these past couple of months popping up for a visit more often than i care to say.  Hater!  I was still groggy when my friend Veronica reached out to see if the roommie and i wanted to join her for brunch.  The roommie passed on the offer and continued with her beauty sleep but i forced myself up.  I need a little sun and some fresh air.  I’ve been feeling very vampire-ish as of late.

We settled on Roberta’s.  Remember Roberta’s?  The bloody mary was delicious and just what i needed however, i wasn’t all that happy with my brunch selection. Nothing on how it was prepared, just that my stomach wasn’t quite ready for all that meat.  Bad choice on my part.
After brunch and just a couple of blocks away we then spent a good 30 minutes browsing the racks of Urban Jungle. So much to see and so much potential.  Veronica and i left with one item each.  I plan on doing a little updating to my piece as part of an easy DIY so i won’t fully reveal what i got just yet.

ps. Have i told you guys lately how much i truly truly truly love being back in Brooklyn? It’s everything to me right now.

*** Urban Jungle ***
It’s Monday Lovers. Time to do it all over again. Make it a great one.
photography by Jahaira Hooker

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