… two gals skipped through Prospect Park in hopes of finding adventure at The Great Googa Mooga festival (what the heck does that even mean?). Much food, wine, beer and music is what it offered and so the gals were in heaven… sort of… one was hungover… i won’t say which.

They followed the crowd and waited patiently in line for food and wine, walked, listened to the music from the main stage and attempted to wait for the Hall & Oats show (i really wanted to find out what is it they couldn’t go for), and walked some more, followed bizarre noises, saw a guy ninja jump the fence to avoid paying (we saw you dude, we saw you), walked into a Drummer’s Groove, continued walking… walked so damn much they turned up in Flatbush! No kidding.

We had to take a train back to our original destination. We were looking for adventure and we found it. Ha! So glad it was a glorious day. I’m convinced the sun hangs out in Brooklyn.
Yes, it was a good day. Hope your weekend was great too. Here are the pics with my anecdotes. Happy Monday Lovers! 

The sea, the sea of people to battle through for food and wine…
I waited in line 15 minutes to place my order and another 15 to get my pizza. Well worth it. Plus, my little ticket gets me a complimentary slice and Co. Now where did i put that stub?
Finally food in my belly!!! Happy as a clam. 🙂
And then it was on to more food. This is Coolio’s tent – yeah, that Coolio. Here we shared one of his glorified egg roll cleverly renamed ‘Soul Rolls’. It’s ok. And no we did not spot the man himself. Bummer.
Soul Roll in pineapple sauce
A little nature walk…
Walked right into the Drummer’s Groove…
This would have avoided a train ride once we discovered we walked right into Flatbush. Epic.
GG overjoyed upon returning to civilization…
Seeing the arc made us feel triumphant.

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