I’m a Jim Sturgess fan and have been so ever since Across the Universe. I am literally obsessed with this film. A hot British leading man singing Beatles music… it’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Since then I’ve tried following his career more closely, often visiting some of his fan sites for any updates on upcoming projects. And it was on one of these sites how i learned that Jim, along with director Juan Solanas, would be doing a quick Q&A promoting the upcoming film Upside Down at the Apple Store down in SoHo. And so i checked my schedule and all things pointed towards Jim Sturgess.

Jim was charming in answering questions and explaining the premise of the film which essentially is a fantasy love story between two young lovers, living in parallel worlds, each with its own gravitational pull. Here in lies the challenge: the very nature of their individual world does not allow for this to be an easy love affair. Go watch the film. It’s good. I saw it already. Don’t ask me how.

Jim also spoke briefly about staying active with his music and gave sound advise to those thinking of a career in the film business. In essence, you have to really want to be an actor, take slow smart steps, and have fun. Smart guy, that Jim.

Mr. Juan Solanas was also very easy going during the Q&A eager to answer every questions in his very very very thick Argentinian accent. I knew what he was saying at times… but not really. What i gathered from the guy is that he has a very vivid imagination to have come up with such a film. He said he actually conjured up the idea from a dream. What a crazy dream.
The film is most definitely worth your $14 at the cinema. So go and check out one my favorite British actor, Jim Sturgess along with Kirsten Dunst in Upside Down in theaters March 15th.
Have a Great Tuesday Lovers! 
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