Life can get a bit cluttered at times and even your everyday cosmetics can become a nuisance.  Organization is key! I’ve been living in my Brooklyn apartment for close to two years now and there is still much improvement to be done. I have plans for curtains, decorative pillows, a good full-length mirror, and a small office area in my room, but first its good to start small and with the basics: organizing my everyday cosmetics!

I am a Maxxinista at heart and i knew i would find what i needed at TJ Maxx.  I had several options of lucite makeup organizers to choose from and picked up the one displayed here for $12.  It was a great buy!

As i brought it home i knew i also wanted to spruce it up a bit, which is what inspired this next DIY idea (if you can even call it that). You know me, i am all about the super-easy DIY projects. Pasting a little decorative wrapping paper on the bottom of the lucite tray really gives it a little pop! I now have all my favorite cosmetics prettily displayed and accessible minus the fuzz of a dirty makeup bag or junk-draw. No more wondering where my favorite liquid eyeliner went… i honestly still can’t find it.

So what do you think lovers?  I’m so damn clever don’t you think!? Ha!

What you will need: A lucite makeup tray, wrapping paper of your choice, scissors, double sided tape, and a pencil.
Trace the shape of the tray on wrapping paper.
 Cut and paste to fit.
Pretty neat, eh!

* All opinions are my own. I was not contacted or compensated by T.J. Maxx to conduct this post.

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