The first three days of what would be an eleven days, three country, world-wind travel adventure.  My very first time in Europe and my very first time properly using my passport.  And to top things off i got say i celebrated a milestone birthday in Paris.  There was no higher cloud i could have been on.

I got to see all that the things i jotted down on my travel wish-list: Museum Le Louvre was the very first stop just three hours off the airplane.  This entire day was a blur.  Thank goodness for photography.  Next was the Arc de Triomphe, followed by the Champs Elysees for some birthday shopping and a very much needed cappuccino.
The following day took us to the Palace of Versailles where i was first introduces to La Duree, next was the epicenter of my travel, the tour Eiffel, ending the evening near the Moulin Rouge.
The final day, my birthday, we spent a great part of the day at Centre Pompidou and ended the evening having and stellar birthday dinner with my lovies Denise and Mishelle at Le Saut Du Loup Restaurant. Happy Birthday to Me!
I’m still giddy by the experience.  And now quickly packing it all up. There’s an early train the following day that will be taking us directly to London.


 **** These next photos were taken on my Blackberry – Sorry about the quality. ****

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