photo credit: Raul Martinez-Liera
I’ve had a few things up my sleeve since Friday but let’s first start with two solid days of picnicking/BBQ.  New York City weather has been showing-off and especially so this weekend with 90+ degrees of heat.  It was either succumb to the miserable heat or make the best of it by going to the beach or having a nice park picnic.  

On Saturday i joined a group of friends and headed to Croton Points Park in the Westchester area.  A mere 35 minute drive from my apartment and 45min ride on the Metro North.  It was a perfect day.  We chose a cool and shaded spot, found a free grill, and the cooks prepped and BBQ-ed all afternoon.  I laid out and continued my frustrating read of Fifty Shades Darker while enjoying the cool summer breeze.
When idleness hit, Dee and i ventured deep into the woods in search of a stream… i don’t know… I guess we were feeling adventurous.  We walked amongst the rocky waters and contemplated a dip but nah.  It was a fun and relaxing afternoon and i’m so glad we did it.  Thanks a lot Dee and Raul!!! You guys rock!





**And then some more Sunday FunDay BBQ in New Jersey **
The BBQ/outdoorsy theme continued on Sunday afternoon as we drove to Dee’s family’s home in New Jersey for a lovely gathering.  Another lovely day, great food, and good company…etc.  Happy Weekend = Happy Jah.  I managed just a few pics of Sunday but continue scrolling down to the end for a yummy SOYJOY deal i am sharing with my readers.  Go!
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It’s Monday lovers and its like a brand new slate.  So so many things i want to do this week but my main goal is to get enough sleep so i can accomplish it all.

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