Let me just preface by saying no, i am not dreaming of summer just yet – Autumn is still my jam.   These images however made me slightly nostalgic of those warm breezy summer days.  Aah!

The photo series you see here represents a small part of a collection called “Praia Pequena“, the work of Christian Chaize, a self-taught French photographer who became obsessed with a small stretch of coastline in Southern Portugal.  Chaize visited this stretch of beach several times a year and took shots of the same coastline at different times of the day.  His photography documents the time of the changing tide, the different lighting, weather conditions and an array of sunbathers all resulting in this dreamy beach series.

I selected some of my favorites shots below. His website highlights an even bigger and intriguing collection.  And his book, which someday i hope to own a copy of, i am sure offers a lot images to drool over.  Enjoy lovers and don’t forget to wear sunscreen. (see how i made a funny there)
Source: Christian Chaize website

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