As you know i was recently in Miami spending time with family. I cherish this time and often use it to pick my grandmother’s brain for recipes i used to favor as a child. I remember both her and my grandpa always making meals from scratch. None of this canned/preservative crap. We come from a small city in Nicaragua so much of the preservative stuff wasn’t available to us anyhow; everything we ate was natural and super delicious and nutritious. Oh, and the smells from my childhood. Nothing compares.

I already have a few recipes up my sleeves that have been passed down and so here i was looking to add yet another. I asked my grandmother what she had to share this time. She points at a jar of brown liquid and said, that. What is that? That, she says, is Homemade Cashew Wine.
Now, i bear in mind that i am sharing this recipe knowing fully well that most of you will not have access to cashews. This fruit is a native of Brazil and only grows in warm temperate climates. So Central and South America… and my grandparents backyard in Miami. Because you know, Miami sometimes feels like another country so this would make sense. (i swear i often feel like i need a passport just to visit family). I digress.
Here are the steps as instructed to me by my grandmother. Its a lengthy process but the end result is a delicious sweet wine. I did not make this one but i did get to savor the end result and and i promise you, you will not be disappointed.
A little cup of wine in a sea of Cashew Seeds.
*Cashew Wine*
– You Will Need-
1 doz. Cashews Fruit
1 pack of prunes
6-8 cloves (or Clavo de Olor for my Spanish readers)
Sugar (add to taste)
— Steps —
Juice the cashews by first cutting and removing the nut/see from fruits. Use a large spoon to squeeze the fruit through a strainer and press to ensure you get the maximum juice.
Transfer juice into a pot and bring to a boil.
Add the pack of prunes and cloves.
Add sugar to taste (this is sweet wine)
Continue to boil for 3hrs and occasionally skimming away the top foam that forms
Place boiled juice and all its content in a tight air-sealed jar and let it sit out (in the sun preferably) for 24hrs + to ferment.
After the 24hrs, once again using the strainer, strain the now wine of all prunes and cloves remains.
Finally, transfer the Cashew Wine into a wine bottle, cork, and or serve to your liking.
Note: Do not be fooled by the word juice. This IS wine and it WILL give you a buzz.  A winner in my book for sure. So there you have it. Are you exhausted? I am. Ha! Enjoy
What an actual Cashew Fruit looks like. 
The end product.

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