Happy Cinco De Mayo! As if we really needed another reason to throw back a few. Tequila!

I wasn’t quite sure how to contribute to the cinco de mayo holiday, if with a plain old Viva Cinco De Mayo photo or bless you with proper images of my world famous Scrambled Eggs Mini Tacos…by the way, in event you haven’t already noticed, everything i make is world famous. The kitchen and i aren’t the best of friends so once i make it in there it becomes quite the event.

Scrambled Eggs Mini Tacos Won!
I’ve been on an egg kick for near two months now.  Has that ever happened to you, where you obsessively eat something to the point of nausea? I’m waiting for nausea because i’m pretty sure my cholesterol is off the chart at this point. But it is such an easy and filling meal to enjoy, and to be honest it is the one thing i truly looked forward too during my 40 days of lent, where i pretty much gave up everything that was delicious.
So here i am wanting to share a bit of this breakfast i so love and since it involves tortillas…you, know, Viva Mexico! Ha!
Be very careful when heating the corn tortilla over the urn 
Don’t forget the coffee

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