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It’s been an extremely long time since i was last here. I miss blogging but somewhere along the way i lost the drive it took to maintain it. I was not being honest to Chattering Gem and i let the discipline slip away.

There were many reasons for my break but mostly i found myself discouraged by how superficial it can be. I felt like a hypocrite flaunting my latest outfits and most recent discoveries when the world was in a state of peril. I felt helpless, ashamed and with little idea of how i could be instrumental to change.  To this day i still don’t have the answer. But i also understood the reasons i began this blog was as a form of light and distraction. That i may not have the answers now, however if i allowed my mind to be open and creative, maybe someday i will come to discover something that is useful and that i’m proud of.
Chattering Gem has been good to me. I owe it to myself and brand to give it another heartfelt try.  There’s a certain joy in find in releasing words and blogging has allowed me that outlet, no matter how superficial the message. And so here i am once more, but with a more realistic view on life…i hope.
It will take me some time before it all becomes natural once more but i am excited to get started. Until the next post.
Besos – Jah

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