The beauty of living in New York City is that you have just about any type of entertainment at your finger tips.  Whatever you are in the mood for New York’s got it – and believe me its always a good time.  But nothing says New York more like a good old fashion Broadway / Off-Broadway show.  It’s a staple that if you are ever in this grand city you need to find the time to experience.

A few weeks back i was invited to attend a new comedic off-broadway show called Sex Tips’ For Straight Women From A Gay Man.  To say i was excited would be an understatement.  I had already heard some good feedback from friends but for the most part refrained from learning much more – i wanted to enter with a fresh mind after all.

‘Sex Tips’ For Straight Women From A Gay Man is a hilarious comedy based on the popular book of the same tittle.

The scene opens in a college auditorium the location of a monthly book discussion – this months subject covers author Dan Anderson and his book ‘Sex Tips’ For Straight Women From A Gay Man.  We are first greeted by Stefan the oh-too-handsome hunky European light technician who politely asks us to turn off our phones and open any candy wrappers we may have.  My first thought was yes Stefan, i will do anything you ask of me…and i’m sure i wasn’t alone in my thoughts. 

We are introduced to Robyn the timid and studious department assistant serving as the narrator.  Robyn soon finds herself out of her element when dealing with author Dan who uses a not so conventional way of getting his point across.  With lots of pump and circumstance what follows is literally a knee-slapping laughing experience.  Dan, quick and witty manages to bring Robyn out of her shell as he guides her through the basic rules of dating and attracting a man as seeing through the eyes of a gay man. 
I have to say that despite laughing to the point of unbuttoning my skinny jeans (yes, I actually had to do that) he made some pretty sound points.  I took mental notes.

Now if you consider yourself extremely shy or a prude GO AND SEE THIS PLAY!  The old you will soon be a thing of the past and did i mentioned that you might randomly be selected to join the three person cast on stage for a quick show a tell?  
It is the perfect date night activity – unless its a first date – then i would recommend seats no to close to the stage. Be prepared for some awkward and very very funny moments.  You have been forewarned. 

There will be laughter and lots of shy giggles and even perhaps a paper cut or two if you’re not careful. You’ll see.  After all I don’t want to give too much away.

Make your way to 
‘Sex Tips’ For Straight Women From A Gay Man as soon as you can and tell a friend. I promise you will be talking about it for days but remember to leave all your inhibitions at home.  So much more fun that way!

A few minutes to show time.
But first, let me take a selfie.
(with my lovely date Aimee. It was so good catching up with my odl pal)
That’s a wrap.

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