I have never been a picky eater so i did not grow up having been bribed to eat my Spinach or Brussels Sprouts. They just never were something that was offered at the dinner table.  It is not a very Latino dish. My first encounter with brussels sprouts was not a memorable one, it was bitter and left a horrible after-taste in my mouth.  We were instantly enemies.  I came to love these miniature cabbage-like looking vegetable later in my adult years.  They made several appearance at friends brunch and soon enough, to my delight, even my aunt began to add them to her table.

Brussels sprouts offers many varieties of dishes and this is my first attempt at trying one at home. I opted for the simplest recipe: roasted seasoned brussels sprouts sprinkled with bacon.  

I turned to Pinterest for recipe ideas and settled on two, this one and this one.  Of course i added my own personal touch using only the ingredients i had on hand and the results were quite stellar.  I am now a committed fan of this little vegetable and will be sure to always include them on my supermarket trips.

(this is based on a personal size meal. you can adjust to your serving size)
1/2 dozen brussels sprouts
2 sliced mushrooms
2 bacon strips
1 table spoon of grated parmesan cheese
1 table spoon of olive oil
1 table spoon of balsamic vinegar
sea salt
cracked black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 375°F and lightly oil a sheet pan.
2. Trim the end of the brussels sprout and cut each in half
3. Neatly slice two mushroom heads

4. Place freshly sliced sprouts and mushrooms in a bowl and slowing add seasonings: salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
5. Spread the sprout (cut side down) and mushroom on top sheet pan
6. Place sheet in oven for 10-12 minutes until lightly brown
7. Repeat the same step with the cut side up for another 10 minutes
8. Dice and fry two strips of bacon
9. Toss roasted brussels sprout and mushrooms together with the fried bacon, season once more to taste with a little salt and pepper, let cool, serve and eat.
Disclaimer: I also tried an edited version of this dressing to be used once the sprouts have been roasted. It was interesting…but i can do without.
I made this dish as part of my late afternoon brunch so this included two fried eggs drizzled with parmesan cheese, a few thin slices of avocado, cherry tomato, and a tall glass of orange juice.

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