“a few stolen moments is all that we share”
What inspiring singer was not influenced by Whitney Houston? She was the epitome of the perfect artist:  with a voice that spanned several octaves, a control that was enviable, her poise and subtle runs… she made everything seem effortless. From belting out a classic gospel tune to soothing you with a melodic pop song. She sang the soundtracks of our lives. How could she leave us so soon? It all just so surreal and tragic.  A loss that came all too soon especially on the heels of loosing Mr. Don Cornelius and Miss Etta James. All Musical Icons.

I hope we all choose to remember and retain the joy Whitney brought to us with her songs; lyrics that spoke to us in some way or the other. I wish for us to look pass her demons that she struggled to overcome and see a woman that was trying to regain control of her life.
You left us too soon Whitney and you will forever be missed. Heaven is joyful to have you.
** Rest In Peace Whitney Houston **

** UPDATE **

Here’s is an AMAZING and for what most are saying, UNBELIEVABLE tribute to Whitney Houston done by none other than Miss Sasha Allen.
PS. I have been a friend of Sasha for many years and know for a fact that her two main idols and inspiration are Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. I’m kinda loving that people are in such awe of her vocals that they actually believe she’s lip-synching this song. No, dear people, this is a genuine tribute done from the heart. This is a true fan morning the lost of her musical hero. 

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