Happy weekend Lovers! Anyone with plans? I suppose we are all mostly laying low since Thanksgiving is next week. Can you believe it? Next week already!  I feel that this year went by quite fast and i spent most of it in a blur.  I am really looking forward to the new year – for the first time in quite some time i have specific goal and i cannot wait to put it into action.  A lot of things will be taking a back burner (blog included) but its a sacrifice and a great step towards my future.
The positivity i’ve been receiving is overwhelming and i simply cannot wait.  Details won’t be share quite yet but just know that its exciting.

I found this quote the other day and it really echoes my mood and personality: chaotic, but i’ve got it. I loved it so much i shared it recently on twitter and now here.  It is even under consideration as a tattoo… i have several you know.
Well lovers that’s it for now, there will be an LA post part II coming shortly and then some holiday driven stuff with which i’m really really excited about.
Have a great weekend!

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