Are you a lingerie type of gal?  Nothing intimidates me more than those frilly little intimates.  I am more of a boyshorts and slightly lacy t-shirt type of gal.  I remember buying a sexy little number from Victoria’s Secret once to impress my boyfriend of the time.  I never felt more awkward as i wore the pieces and tried oh so hard to look and feel sexy.  I don’t exactly remember his reaction upon seeing me and maybe that’s a good thing.

I came to write this post inspired by friend who recently confessed to collecting sexy undergarments as her guilty pleasure.  We went through an entire bottle of wine discussing this and i was blushing the entire time.  I realized soon after that i have to get over my fear of lacy intimates and start including some of these pretties into my wardrobe.

I really fell in love with ALL the brasiers from the Journelle collection. I mean there was not one that i did not like. As for bottoms i couldn’t stray too far from my preference for boyshorts and so i loved all the ones ModCloth had to offer.

Here are my picks.  I have a few of these babies saved in the cart and i find myself actually anxious to try them.

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