ORIGINS Plantscription Youth-renewing face oil.
The tiny bottle remained slightly hidden and unused inside the bathroom cabinet for months.  It took an exhausting 14+ hour flight for me to finally make note of it.  My tired, dry and blotchy skin, was screaming for instant revitalization and this little bottled promised the solution.  And it delivered.  And i am now a HUGE fan.

A few drops of the oil on my face, a good night sleep, and the following day i was refresh and rejuvenated.  I was even-toned, bright and more importantly i looked alive!  I could kiss myself with happiness.  ORIGINS Plantscription Youth-renewing face oil is the stuff of miracles.
It will never again remain hidden inside the medicine cabinet.  Nobody puts baby in the corner!  Front and center from now on.
Disclaimer: this is NOT sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. I have recently discovered a product i learned works wonders on my skin.

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