I am not lost on the fascination that is all things skull. The fad has lived long and strong for years now really making a statement in 2012. I recently bought my first skull inspired novelty shirt (as seen here) and i love it. I feel wicked and a little bit rock n roll each time i wear it. It’s a daring fad and a little bad-ass and yet it can have such soft edges. It’s certainly not for everyone.

Here are some of the skull inspired pieces i am currently coveting. And yes, that includes the Alexander McQueen clutch — i am allowed one delusional wish for myself, right? I’m really crazy over number six and number eight. I am practicing all sorts of restrain from purchasing both.

1. Rock Legend Top | 2. Scarf | 3. Earrings | 4. Clutch | 5. Gold Skull | 6. Cardigan | 7. Sweater | 8. Jeans | 9. Belt | 10. Ring  | 11. Flats

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