Two Things
One: I know that streaming holiday lights in your very grown-up apartment can seem somewhat juvenile and even a bit college dorm-ish but, there are exceptions that can be made.

Two: Since the apartment is nowhere near what my roommate and I would like it to be, i am a bit apprehensive in sharing these photos but oh well.

We have what you call a railroad type apartment which pretty much means a straight line through and through. We have no windows in the living space or kitchen so proper lighting is very important.  While we wait to compromise on the best floor lamp and wall decor, i thought it would be fun to create a light streamer frame around one of our favorite poster and quote.

The process took less than ten minutes and its all held together with cleverly placed push-pins.  I liked the end result so much i wanted to share. Sometimes the smallest mindless projects add a lot of character to a room. It may seem a little juvenile at first but its a lovely reminder to always keep things young, light, and fun.

(The view from the kitchen leading the living room and my bedroom.)

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