Three weeks before the new year i had the sudden urge to purge my apartment of all that was undesirable and cluttering. I needed to organize and simplify. In the Latino culture it is often encouraged to cleanse your space of all negativity the previous year brought and that may still be lingering. I rid myself of so many unnecessary things; things i had forget i had which clearly meant i did not need them. I am in no way superstitious but i am committed to maintaining a cleaner space for the new year. 2012 was a rough year and can only be described as bittersweet. So many highs and so many lows. It was perhaps the lowest year of my life. Yes, a new start and a clear mind is in order.

A fun part of cleansing your space is the temptation of rearranging furniture and learning to see thing with brand new eyes. I bought little accent for the living room that helped brighten the space and made a little corner office nook. One thing i do wish to change is the wall color. I have had this calming mossy green color for as long as i’ve lived here and i need it go back to white. I need zen. Same applies to my bedroom which is surrounded by a warm chocolatey color. I am really happy with how the space looks right now especially since i realize i will have to commit to it for another year and not as my previous post predicted.

Changes: Audrey frame now in living room | Keyboard in storage | Wall candle scones trashed

My bedroom has been an ongoing project for years. I want my bedroom to be no fuzz so i try and really keep it simple. After all it suffers the most on those late nights where i come home completely spent from the gig and just throw things about. So bad.

I am huge on how my bed looks and feels – my mattress was a big investment for me. I need a lot more plush pillows and more duvets from which to choose from. And so inspired by slight changes in the space i went looking for new duvet covers for my bed that will help accentuate that zen feeling i’m so in need of. Two places that have never failed me are and West Elm.

Here are some quick picks i am currently romancing. None of this is a rush or a necessity so i will take my time in choosing. But i wanted to put it in writing so i can commit. And hopefully some of you will chime in on your choice as well.


Natural Organic Pintuck Duvet — I have been coveting this particular spread for over four years. I kid you not. I don’t know why i just don’t give in and gift it to myself already. Its perfection.


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