I was anxiously waiting for these pretties to arrive and when they finally did i was beyond myself.  This is the handy work of Claire from the Etsy shop, ScrewWords.  It’s brilliant, isn’t it?
She can shape brass into any word as long as you stay within eight letters.  And you can get as creative as you like but i think the idea is to get a little dirty like i did.  Yes, that is the “f” word. I mean, why not.  Most importantly its fashionable, witty, and affordable.  Now that’s more like it.

Thank you, Claire for this awesome job!  I’ve worn it everyday since and i’ve been getting tons of compliments.
side note: this is my first blog post from Berlin. I’m a little jet-lagged, nothing terrible but i know its going to get me later in the day.  I should have more on my trip on Monday’s post. Today and over the weekend i’ll be off exploring and partying.  I predict a lot of epic shenanigans.

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