What a great SUNDAY FUNDAY! This day could not have been more perfect if I had actually planned it that way. I had three simple goals for the day: laundry, the MOMA for the Matisse exhibit, and Caleb Hawley at Rockwood Music Hall. After some quick back-and-forth texts with the girls to coordinate time and meeting place, we were on our way.

Now at the MOMA I was looking forward to the Matisse exhibit. Ticket in hand and making our way to the 7th floor to begin our tour, we were suddenly jolted by a very loud scream. We didn’t quite know what to make of it and we figured it was just some ill mannered kid who was in serious need of a reality check. But then we heard adult screams; sharp, chilling adult screams. It was horribly annoying. Major WTF? Crap! This of course only meant one thing – it was part of an exhibit which we had no control over… more on that later.

For now here are just some of my personal highlights of the tour. Some of these pieces I’ve seen many times but I can never tire of them. I can honestly do this every weekend.
On the above pic:
Henri Matisse ~ Dance (I) – Early 1909. Something about his paintings make me feel like a kid and I’m always intrigued by his use of black. The way he cuts bold lines right through his pieces -i ts almost intrusive and yet acceptable. The only photo I managed to take was this one. MOMA security was not having it. This piece and The Blue Window are my favorite of his.
Pablo Picasso ~ Girl Before a Mirror
I can stare at this painting for hours. The colors, the texture, the faces, the abstractness. LOVE IT.
Vincent van Gogh ~ The Olive Trees. 
Van Gogh IS my favorite artist. I know that most people gravitate towards Starry Night but I prefer this one. My all time favorite is Wheat Field under Threatening Skies. I saw this in Amsterdam back in June. This was right after a visiting “The Bulldog” and after eating 2 Space Cakes. Everyone should see a Van Gogh under the influence of some space cake. That is all.
Florine Stettheimer ~ Family Portrait
I love how delicate and feminine this piece is. I’m not familiar with the artist work at all but this is lovely. I had a girly moment with it – jumpy claps with shrieks and all.
Bruce Nauman ~ Perfect DOOR/Perfect ODOR/Perfect RODO. 
It’s simple visually and yet its one of those things I would have taken for granted and not considered as art. It’s as perfect as it is frustrating. 
My friend and I discussed our sometimes shared frustration for modern art. “How can a simple chair placed in a corner be called art?” she said. And then this. She stop… she stares intently… and says Y ese palo?” Translation: What’s up with that stick? I just had to laugh. I was convulsing. I didn’t get the artist info. I simply had to walk away. 
Remember the screaming I mentioned earlier? Well, as I should have figured, it was part of the Yoko Ono’s contemporary art collection“Voice Piece for Soprano”. The concept: with installed microphones and speaker, visitors are instructed to take the mic and “scream against the wind/ against the wall/ against the sky”. The girls and I tried it as a group. We were to self-conscious to go at it alone. It was quite liberating. 
This dude had the right idea. He’s awesome! I’m super jealous of his intensity.
Ceal Floyer ~ Double Act.  
This is now towards the end and of course ALL spotlight should be on me. How brilliant is this? It was meant for me. *smirk*
And finally a great ending to a great day came to us simply via the most perfect sidewalk art ever! The “Good Luck Spot”.  Like I said earlier, It could not have been more perfect  if I had actually planned it that way.
I know I mentioned Caleb’s show at Rockwood and I got some great footage but I will share that on a separate post. In the meant time, have a great August. I have a good feeling about this month.

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