Although we are still longing for a proper Spring, Summer is not too far from the mind.  I know for me it isn’t – I am eagerly counting the days till my vacation to Turkey come May.  I am also looking forward to updating my wardrobe with staple pieces like flowing floral skirts, pretty tops, sandals, maxi dresses and a brand new pair of sunnies, an essential accessory for the sunniest of seasons AND summer’s most important travel accessory.

Now, when it comes time to choosing a new pair of sunglasses I often find the task to be a bit daunting.  It’s like trying to find the right bra – it must be the right fit and the right frame.  Plus, I tend to look for something that is stylish through any season so it also has to offer a timeless look.  Fortunate for me Warby Parker is debuting a fun and stylish selection of sunglasses with its 2013 Summer Collection:  A vision of mid-century bohemia and weekend-long house parties inspired the collection. Perfect for summer’s shoeless days and mesquite-scented nights!
There’s a lot of great options to choose from and I can already see that I will have a difficult time selecting a favorite. As of now I have narrowed it down to my top three: Baxter, Theo, and Marshall. Baxter and Theo are part of five shapes making their grand debut.  I sure know how to pick em don’t I? I am excited for the prospect.
What’s more I am happy to have learned that for every pair sold, Warby Parker is going to distribute a pair to someone in need through their non-profit partners.  I love a feel-good purchases.  It’s a win win situation you can feel proud about.
The modeled pictured above is the BAXTER in Catalina Blue
Baxter keeps it simple. Smoothed out the edges of an angular frame, added signature Warby Parker plaques, and slimmed down the temple arms to make a frame for all seasons.
 Whiskey Turtoise
You don’t always want to make a big statement. Theo’s slim temple arms and lean, mean shape create a basic look—perfect for getting back to brass tacks.
Sugar Maple

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Warby Parker is a transformative fashion brand With a lofty objective: to offer designer eyeWear at a revolutionary Price, While leading the Way for socially-conscious businesses.

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