Not so long ago i was rocking a pixie cut like no other.  I held on the various versions of the cut for almost four years.  I don’t know at what point i decided to start letting my hair grow, it could have been while dealing with my mother’s declining health but, i just knew i was done with my short cut. Today my hair is past shoulder length.  It took less than two years for it get here.  My hair grows like wild weed and i am quickly reminded at how annoying it can be to maintain.

Lately i have been noticing a lot of top buns:  The neat kind, the purposely messy kind, or the kind you just sort of quickly grab and roll into whatever you can access to hold it together (i’m more of the latter).
Thanks to pinterest i’ve been trying my luck at some of these buns – the messy is my favorite – and selected various of my favorites images here for guidance and inspiration.  I tried a few but was too embarrassed by the results to document and share.  Next time perhaps.  If you have any tips on how to accomplish a fun effortless messy top buns, then i am all hair.  See what i did there? I made a funny. 🙂
note: pinterest is an abyss of links leading you from images to images.  i don’t know where the original photography is from  for each of these, so i am not able to give proper credit.  if you come across this post and find your image, please email me immediately so i can credit you accordingly.  thanks!

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