Bathing suit season is right around the corner. I dread bathing suit season! God how i wish i had Sofia Vergara’s body. I mean, don’t we all? I take comfort in knowing the teeny-tiny-bikini-craze is taking a slight back seat to the now improved pretty retro one-piece swimwear. Now this i can dig.

I saw the above Camila & Marc Ipanema Dot-Print one-piece a few weeks back and instantly fell in-love. Since then i’ve searched for similar suits and i think i hit the jackpot.Β I’m no longer discouraged. I’m placing an order for two of these swimwear asap.

I’m also encouraged workout a little harder and eat a little better. This means more running, yoga, and delicious SOYJOY snacks in between. So what do you think. I’m so torn. I want them all.

Here Comes the Sun…

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