What an incredibly stressful day yesterday was. And it all began with a simple text that said “Good news girls! You’re approved for the apartment”.  Brooklyn is willing to take me back after all! I screamed. I screamed loudly. This is actually happening….! I then started to over-thinking things, as i tend to do, and basically almost gave myself an anxiety attack while on my way to sign the lease. Yes, i am very dramatic.

By 4pm Kinsey (the lovely gal pictured above) and I were proud new tenants to a brand-new two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. It felt good, real good, and i am very excited over the prospect of the next few weeks. Kinsey and I are both creative souls so the energy will be just right. And for me, no more long commuting hours to the Bronx and exuberant cab fares. This is so good.
By 6pm my anxiety began to subside only to nudge at me once more as time for NBC The Voice neared. Based on the previews i knew my friend Sasha Allen would be on and i was suddenly so nervous and excited for her. I was borderline paranoid. She was incredible as always. I am so proud of my friends following their dreams and making moves. They are such an inspiration to me. I hope they know this.
Well, it’s a brand new day and i’ve got one less thing to worry myself over. Now only to pack an entire apartment and move in three weeks. Ay Dios Mio!

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