It was an 80’s themed Birthday celebration for my friend, Sasha. The birthday girls’ only rule: come dressed in your best 80’s costume and have a blast!  Now these are the type of rules I can respect.
Who knew that dancing to 80’s music could be so exhausting. Its pure aerobics… and there’s basically one move. Insanity. There were a lot of good costumes that night but I won’t compromise anyone by posting “embarrassing” photos, believe me, they are many.

These pics I am posting are of me (of course) because I wanted to show off MY costume. I put it together in 1 hour and with the majority of the pieces coming from my own closet. I got soooo many funny stares on the subway…. I was thrilled.
Here’s the very lovely and sexy Alanna. And then there’s geeky me. Ha! The only thing I purchased for my costume were the glasses, the earrings, and the t-shirt. Everything else I owned. YES!
In character: ALANNA -> the bitch.  SASHA -> the princess BIRTHDAY GIRL.  ME -> The dork trying very hard to fit in. 
Thanks for such a fun evening, Sasha and Happy Birthday!

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