Sometimes on the spot last minute decisions are the best.  What began as a simple evening craving a specific flavor of gelato (that seems can only be found at the Chelsea Market), soon turned into, “Hey, isn’t the San Gennaro Festival going on right now”?  No more needed to be said.
Bestie and i were slightly famished and so it was a dangerous decision to head down to Little Italy on an empty stomach but we managed.  We chose to have a quick dinner before roaming the streets so as to avoid over indulging on junk.  The restaurant we chose was a fail on all accounts but i’ll leave my rant on that for Yelp.  The festival itself was as you would expect it:  Bright lights, boisterous, competitive, enchanting and filled to the brim with slow happy strollers.  Try as you may to concentrate on one thing, is just impossible.

The San Gennaro Festival is one of my favorite New York festival.  Each year i make it a point to show my face.  Believe me when i say this will not be my first visit.  Last night i had gelato but i have yet to have my zeppolis or funnel cake, or street meat, or….. oh you know where i’m going with this.
Blurry Me
Blurry V


Street Scene


Perfect Thirst Quencher


A bit of everything


Try your luck


She cannot resist a microphone or camera.  I guess you can look for her on NY1 this weekend.




Street Promo by Cole Haan


And what better way to end the evening than by running into a street promo by Cole Haan where three dancing drag queens gave Beyonce a run for her money.  #DontGoHome was the promo hash tag and indeed i did not want to go home quite yet…
God i love this City!

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