I have an incredible amount of costume jewelry which i’ve been collecting since i was fourteen. I’m proud of my collection but i seem to be partial to a select few. As with this one.
My Grandmother (my Mom) has been very ill fighting cancer this year – spending time with her earlier in the year, she began to pass on some of her jewelry. If you can imagine, i cherish those with my life. This Indian style bracelet connected ring is one she actually purchased for me just for the hell of it…over 12 years ago. I had forgotten i had it. And then one day it appeared out of no where, hiding in the cracks of one of my jewelry box. It was like finding a $100 bill in your pants pocket, only with more value. I found it three  weeks ago and haven’t taken it off since. 
She has good taste that lady. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this piece i simply had to share with you, my readers. 
I hope your Friday is going well. Enjoy your weekend Lovers!!!

Thank you Mom. I love you Mom!

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