So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Are you still suffering from food coma? God knows I am despite it being two days later. I had a fantastic time with family and the most amazing food ever! I even baked a Lemon Menrengue Pie but more on that later.  As you know this is also the time of year that the excitement of the Holidays consumes us. It’s the time to get that Christmas list going…. after all its less than a month away.

Right before the Thanksgiving break I took a little stroll with a friend around the Union Square Holiday Market. I’ve always loved these little markets around the city – Its so deliciously dangerous. They offer a little bit of everything and they are never short of the random. I practically wanted to buy everything!
I definitely kept a mental list of the things I wanted to get for others and yes, for myself too. Here are some pics I captured with my BlackBerry Tour. My little phone is amazing, no!?
Just a tiny bit of the crowd. The entire Market is pretty large and overwhelming. In a good way.
Lamps. I’ve been looking for lamps like these. It gives your place a sort of exotic feel. I need one. (hint)
This is to ward off the ‘Evil Eye’ I’m told. :-/
Hats and Hats and Hats.
Some spice for your life…
A little Chess Downtime of course.
The Union Square Holiday Market. Love!
I wish you all the best of luck with your holiday shopping. Thankfully I’ve already scratched 4 people off my list. Now remember to shop well and shop smart.

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