As you recall i was pretty stoked to share my first ever cover story written by yours truly and featured on the pages of LatinTRENDS  magazine.  I had the great pleasure of interviewing LaLa Anthony (see here) as part of the magazines July/August double issue. I also had the pleasure of interviewing up-and-coming and very much in demand, the lovely Edy Ganem of the popular Lifetime show ‘Devious Maids‘.  Here’s a little excerpt of what you can expect to find in print.  Magazine in newsstands now.
I feel like I made a huge jump.  I am one of the leads in a show where the other actresses are super established.  I feel so lucky and so blessed amongst these women.  Being around them is like having free acting classes.” – Edy Ganem
Are you in any way like your character, Valentina?
Valentina and I have the drive to do what we want to do.  The stubbornness.  She’s a hard worker like myself.  She’s a romantic, a big romantic dreamer.  She’s a very sweet girl but I think she’s sweeter than me.  Not to say I am not sweet I’m just more realistic.  I don’t dream about the romantic life – I felt I like never really needed to be married.  If it happens it happens.
Who’s your celebrity crush?
I find Daniel Day Lewis very handsome and Angelina Jolie is everything.


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