Whenever i travel the first place i want to hit up are the museums. My travel buddies hate me for it but i love it. And yet i don’t seem to take advantage of what’s in my own backyard as often as i should. The last time i made my way to The Met was for the Alexander McQueen exhibit and it was for that purpose only.

This past Monday i decided to pay my old friend a visit and check out the Matisse exhibit scheduled to be there through March 17th.  Matisse and i never met sadly: i arrived pretty late in the afternoon, got distracted by other paintings and instrument, was pretty lost withing the halls for a good ten minutes, and then the museum began to close on me…
Needles to say this post is Part I of II
You can see past museum visits i’ve made here (in Canada), here, and here (in Berlin), and missing are my visits to Paris, London and Amsterdam. I never made it to a museum while Barcelona…that clearly will need to be remedied. In the meantime, here are some beautiful pieces i captured during my leisured two and a half hour stroll. Happy Day!  ENJOY!

Thomas Gainsborough | English 1727 – 1788 | Mrs. Grace Dalrymple Elliot
I just had to capture the details of the beaded hemline.
 Thomas Gainsborough | English 1727 – 1788 | Mrs. Grace Dalrymple Elliot
 William Hogarth | English 1697-1764 | The Wedding of Stephen Beckingham and Mary Cox
Adelaide Labille Guiard | French | 1749-1803 | Self-Portrait with Two Pupils 
To see this oil painting, a self-portrait of Adelaide Labille Guiard, is something quite incredible. The way she captured the light just right left me speechless and intrigued. Such details.
 Sir Thomas Lawrence | English | 1769 – 1830 | The Calmady Children
Lawrence’s most popular piece. He describes it as “my best picture…one of the few i should wish to be known by.”
 Pieter Bruegel the Elder | Netherlands | 1525-1569 | The Harvesters
 Grand Piano built for Thomas Henry Foley in 1808 – 1869 fourth baron of Kidderminster.



 Harpsichord | Rome | 1616 – 1690

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