Traveling on holiday is always fun! The anticipation of experiencing a new culture is exhilarating, and equally as exhilarating is the shopping. This was a huge incentive for us. Our mission was to save the European economy and I do believe we managed to put a small dent in it. Over time we became slightly obsessed with how much our luggage weighed – it was a small victory each time the needled hovered slightly below the 50 lbs mark. Towards the end of our trip we had each acquired an additional carry on duffle bag.

I’ve gotten tons of compliments on the outfits I’ve worn lately which I relish. I found some amazing pieces and lovely little treasures. My obsession however are towards the ones I can wear daily – It’s a constant happy reminder of where and how I got them.

On the above shot:
This small LANCEL Paris “Premier Flirt” pocket book was my “special” buy.  A birthday gift from my parents. I got it in red because I believe that a red pocket book brings you good fortune (I think I read that somewhere).  I’m in love. 

My divine ring. I love it. All I can do is stare at it. A plus was finding it in my birthstone color. This I picked up somewhere near Notting Hill.
Finally, there’s this charm bracelet by REISS. I struggled with this one. I contemplated weather to keep it or not for 2 days and even attempted a return. I guess it was meant to be because it now never leaves my wrist.
I wonder what special buy the girls are obsessing over?  I’ll have to ask.  In the mean time, here’s a photo of us just 4 hours after landing in Paris.  Not sure if you can see it but by this time the jet lag was on full force. We easily drank two cappuccinos and Coca Colas each. 
[From Left: Shelly, Dee, & Moi]

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