Do you recall the gorgeous one-shoulder ivory beaded gown Mrs. Obama wore on inauguration night? Well, as tradition would have it Mrs. Obama donated this masterpiece to the Smithsonian National Museum of History.  The creator of the beauty Jason Wu, was there along side Mrs. O looking on with pride.  The gown was inducted into a new gallery called “A First Lady’s Debut“.

During her speech Mrs. Obama thanked the designer and shared what the gown has meant to her. “When I look at my gown – which I, in fact, have not seen since the day that I took it off – memories of that moment truly come rushing back.” She continues, “this gown is a masterpiece. It is simple, It’s elegant, and it come from this brilliant young mind” she says addressing Mr. Wu.
She ends by saying “today is about much more than this gown. It’s also about how, with enough focus and with enough determination, someone in this room could be the next Jason Wu.”
I love her as I’m sure many of you do.  She’s such a breath of fresh air and a true role model for all women.  Her story is beautiful and admirable.  Although the celebration is centered around the gown making its traditional next step, Mrs. Obama still managed to make the moment about Mr. Wu by showcasing the real value of the moment – and that is experiencing what true hard work, dedication and a dream can lead to.

*** Update | 3.10 ***

A reader from the Smithsonian Institute was kind enough to share this interesting and educational behind-the-scene video about the making of the First Ladies exhibition.

Great stuff on this video. For example did you know that the Fist Ladies collection is not just about the wives of the president? The collection was originally named “The Dresses of the Mistresses of the White House” which referred to the woman who took on the social duties of the president at the time.  Interesting eh? I won’t give anymore away.  Watch the video below and enjoy.

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