To blog or not to blog? I’ve been toying with this for over six months now. Longer if you backtrack and see the gap in my posting timeline.  This platform is quite the commitment and maintaining fresh and interesting content isn’t always easy. In fact, I think my last post (uploaded back in January) speaks to this point.

I struggle with what to share and how much to share. I struggle with committing to other forms of social media platforms. For example, do I need a youtube page to be relevant? Why can’t I stick to old fashion blog writing and Instagram posting?

So I stand here once again with the full intent of dedicating my time to this craft. I do miss it and I do feel that I have great things to offer. I’ve been in this new life for over seven months  and i’m eager to share all these new and wonderful experiences.

I close this by referencing to image above. I live a 6 minute drive from the beach and I have to say, its my favorite part of this new life. I get to see the sunrise whenever the hell i feel like. #MYLIFE

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