Dear New Yorkers, did you know there’s a miniature golf course on Pier 25?  Yes!? Well i didn’t and how fun to now know this.  I think i might have found a new hobby.
It was time for Kristin’s and I quarterly hang.  We’ve realized that we seem to be on a quarterly schedule for some inapplicable reason.  We had lots of catching up to do and she had news to share.  It was a great afternoon.  An early Thai dinner on W3rd and then the hot, muggy, sticky, crampy (me mostly) walk to Pier 25 for some miniature golf we had just learned about a few minutes earlier.

Our game: Yeah we sucked.  But i won AND i got a whole in one (by one point).  I believe there was a moment Kristin wanted to beat me with her club.  Ha!  The evening ended with a much cooler walk back to W3rd which included a rest stop at Molly’s Cupcakes immediately followed by gelato at Grom, followed 30 minutes later by buffalo wings at the Fat Black.  Yes, we are disgusting.  
We concluded the evening by watching some overzealous open mic singers.  God, some of these people really need to get a grip.  Here are some fun Cannon pics followed by the inevitable instagram versions.
Freedom Tower just about finished
The multitasker
Nothing but greens ahead
Not my best photo but it was my hole in one moment soooo
The sunset stroll back… or was it too?
I told Kristin to make sure the back of my head looked really smart.  She did a great job.  I look brilliant.
Everyones evening should end this way.
Thanks for another fun and successful date, Kris.  These will soon become far and few ;-).  Love ya!!
It’s Tuesday lovers and its showtime.  Tonight is the 3rd of my showcases and i’m pretty damn excited about it.  I’ve been getting a lot of help promoting from the awesome team over at GrungeCake and the bands themselves have been doing a great job spreading the word.

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